"This was an Epic weekend. The message of the entire weekend was truly life changing".

Stories from the Adventure

Men who participate in the Adventure Expeditions find that it is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before. It is not a typical church retreat, nor is it an informational seminar. It is time away from day-to-day life that is focused around men drawing closer to God with other men who want real life. The men who have participated Adventures of the Heart Expeditions are deeply affected as the following responses indicate:

This Expedition has been a paradigm shift. I feel as if I have experienced something truly special and I really believe these may have been the best six days of my life.

I’ve discovered that I really am worthy and that my identity doesn’t come from that stupid pose (elitism, job title, privilege, money, etc.) God asked me to surrender all aspects of my life and follow Him. I finally did that at Tin Cup Pass (where we did the Jeep ride) and it feels so freeing. I don’t want to go back to bondage. I’m getting a glimpse of what true freedom could look like and I need/want that more than air. I never knew that I could trust God in this capacity and look to Him as my only confidant, leader, and giver of life. I’m beginning to look myself in the mirror and see a worthy man.

I’ve learned to hear from God, I know I am His good son, and I have begun to live again from a place of strength and not from shame, guilt, and weakness. This Expedition is a game changer. I have had a fear recently that when it comes to speaking into my son’s life, I would have nothing worthy to stay. Those fears are gone.

The Expedition has taught me how to open up to Jesus. I’ve prayed to Him, but have never talked with Him. It has given me the tools to do that. It has shown me a completely different view of how to walk with Jesus.

The Expedition has been life changing. A totally new way of seeing myself, my heart, and my relationship with God.

Being that this is my second Expedition, I am absolutely floored by this experience. I have grown and crossed into another level in my walk with God. I kept hearing how I can live lightly and freely. It has awakened my desire that was getting attacked by the enemy. New agreements came up that I didn’t even see until I got here. On the day we broke agreements a huge weight has been lifted off of me. I gained immediate freedom.

Coming into the Expedition, I had become numb to a degree and had resigned to the fact that this was my life. But I now know that I can get my warrior heart back, and you can’t put a price tag on that!

God spoke. I listened. Things will change. For the first time, I actually believe that. This wasn’t an “emotional experience” like others… it was a real, true encounter with the living God. My heart is flesh and alive for the first time in a decade.

Words cannot explain how much this Expedition has benefited me. For so long I had felt God has forgotten about me; that if someone would’ve been left behind, it would’ve been me. BUT, the last day, God met me. He didn’t forget me! I saw Jesus and He called me a son. I cannot begin to describe how I feel. The joy I now have, the freedom I can tangibly feel is so overwhelming. I have hope that I can be totally restored, that healing can happen in my marriage, and my kids can be proud of their dad because he is following Jesus at an intimate heart level.